Our mission is to perform the best eye exam you have ever had. We use the newest cutting edge technology to check your eyes.

NO more Air puffs!

We use the icare tonometer which allows us to check for glaucoma and other high eye pressure diseases without having you deal with the air puff!

Wide-Field Imaging

The Daytona Optos allows us to get very detailed views of the retina which is the back of your eye.
This imaging enables us to detect early signs of:

High Blood Pressure
Macular Degeneration

Automated Refraction

We want to ensure you have the sharpest vision possible and with the Marco RT-5100 digital refraction system assures us that will be a reality.
A digital refraction system allows for:

A faster more accurate way to get your prescription without having you say 1 or 2 – too many times
Ability to show you the difference between your old and new prescription
Less likelihood for doctor assistant or doctor transcription errors


This automated phoropter is every Doctors dream come true. Accurate, fast and efficient, it allows us to give you a comfortable and sharp prescription to see well!